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Best value mobile phone contracts

Best value mobile phone contracts


Best deal on contracts


Here we compare two best deals and choose the best one. This will help you in search for your own best value mobile phone contracts online. We consider two best deals available with Samsung Tocco Lite handset.

1. One is an Orange 24 months contract with 100 minutes and unlimited texts. The deal is free for the first 12 months and monthly payments are 15£ including VAT. 2.Second deal is on Vodafone, It is also a 24 months contract with 75 minutes and 250 texts but it only costs 10£ a month icluding VAT.
Which one of these two would you choose?

In order to compare the two best mobile contracts we use value calculation method II.

Orange deal 24 months times 15 pounds is equal to 360 pounds. Samsung Tocco Lite offline price is 79.99£. So, after deducting 80£ from our 360£ which we got earlier, we come to 280£. Remember the deal includes first twelve months for free, so take 180£ off the line rental. Finally, we have got 100£ which we pay for 100 minutes and unlimited text messages for 24 months. Average monthly cost of this deal is 100 devided by 24: Monthly average value of the contract is equal to 4 pounds 16 pence per month.
Vodafone deal 24 months times 10 is equal to 240 pounds correct. Again the offline price for the handset is about 80 pounds. So, we have got 160£ that we pay for 75 minutes and 250 text messages for 24 months. Devide 160 by 24 and we will get: Monthly average value of the contract is equal to 6 pounds and 66 pences.

6.66 > 4.16
Decide based on money gain, but don't forget about quality

Money tells you to choose the Orange deal, because it is not even 5£ per month.
Is this decision the best for you? May be not. First you need to consider the coverage and signal in your area. If it happens that Vodafone has got a better coverage and the signal is better, I would advise you not to go for the Orange deal. 2£ savings may not be worth a bad signal or an awfull coverage in the area where you live. Go for the Vodafone deal.

How about minutes and texts?

Good news is that Orange deal will give you more minutes and more text messages than Voda deal. So, after you have checked the coverage go ahead with the best deal you have chosen.

If you want to compare other best value mobile phone plans too you can do so here.

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