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Top selling mobile phones on pay as you go

This is a truly top selling mobile phone Sony ericsson W995. Advanced and fully Wifi, GPS enabled. Would suit someone who likes new approach to taking pictures on mobile phone. So many functions. Great value for your money.
You were preparing a present for someone. Samsung's Tocco mobile phone with all features, MP3, bluetooth, camera and smile detection :)
This amazing handset would be a good idea. This NOKIA 1661 is for budget minded people. FM radio phone can be a good value. So if you want a reliable phone which is not more than £5 this is what you want. If you put it in your pocket you will not feel it.
Compare contract mobile phones with PAYG deals

Dependng on mobile phones type and airtime you need, pay as you go deals can be better than pay monthly agreements. Here is a list of resons why prepay deals can be better than monthly contract offers.
The mobile phone you are after is not that expensive You dont need lots of minutes, texts You hate monthly contracts You can not have contract because of low credit rating, or blacklisted adress You want to use the phone just for some time

You will be surprised to know, the number of people who sign long contracts just to get their favourite phone. If they knew, how much the handset was worth, I am sure half of them or even more would change their mind for pay as you go or sim only. At the end of the day, why pay more if you can get the same product for cheaper. Bottom line, before signing a mobile phones contract check the price of your phone on prepay and sim free. If you know the phone you are looking for click here to check the price now.

You may also ask "I am not going to have enough minutes on PAYG tariffs". The reality is, some of pay as you go tariffs will cover you up to 200 minutes. Vodafone freedom packs is a good example for that.

Let me ask you a question? Do all people who sign up for long contract deals, need 700 minutes?, Obviously No, Some need 100, some need 300 and yet, some will need 900 minutes. So, here is another best deal advice, before commiting yourself for another 24, 18, 12 month agreement find out how many minutes you will need. (You can do so by calling your network customer services or by asking us to do it for you)

Customer servic phone numbers, email adresses Our contact information, or use our online form to contact us

In this case prepay deals, or sim only deal with sim free mobile phone is the only way out. Click here to see our best sim only deals.

This is a well known reason why many people prefer pay as you talk phones to contract mobile phones. Well, they have to go this way to be honest. But, even if you dont have a credit score, there is a way into contract mobile phone world. This way starts with sim only. You can learn about sim only agreements here. Once you finished paying three month on your sim only deal, you automatically can have a mobile phone contract. Find out more about this process here.

For people who just want a temporary phone to communicate P.A.Y.G. is a clearly a very good choice. You can use it as much as you want or not use it at all. Another good thing about prepay phones if your phone is already unlocked you can use it abroad too. If it is locked, ask your customer services to unlock it for a charge. Sometimes, it is cheaper to unlock mobile phones through third party companies. Click here to unlock your mobile phone now.

To check our PAYG tariffs for different networks:

Click here to check PAYG deals on O2

Click here to check coverage on Orange

Click here to check coverage on Vodafone

Click here to check coverage on T mobile

Click here to check coverage on THREE

Click here to check coverage on Virgin mobile

Orange, Orange network, Orange packages, Orange animal packages Orange have introduced a new animal package named "Monkey". This brand new animal package focuses on customers who like music. With this package you get a set of free texts, and free music on any pay as you go mobile. You may ask how many tracks is in that set? The answer is hundreds and hundreds and hunderds. You can play music with an online music player from Orange. This service to listen to music tracks is absolutely free and it gives an option of creating playlists too. Obviousely your next question is whether you can share the music tracks on your mobile with your friends and other people around you. The answer is yes you can do so. Whenever you like however you like. You can send the trcks by bluetooth. When you buy £10 top up you ca get free music and 300 free text messages When you buy £20 top up you can get free music and 600 free text sms When you purchase £30 and above top up you can get free music and 1000 free text messages.
Also monkey people on Orange can get free updates on new promotions relating to music from different singers. In order to activate this service you need to contact your customer services. 450 from your mobile. To enjoy this Monkey package you will need a preactivated sim from Orange, you can get one from here. Or by purchasing a PAYG handset with a sim.

Dolphin package
is well known among the Orange customers.
You can get unlimited free texts and free access to Facebook, Bebo and MySpace Whenever you get £10 top up Orange will give you 300 free texts For £20 top up Orange will give you 600 free texts
For £30 top up and above you can get unlimited free text messages. In order to start enjoying the benefits of this amazing package you will need an Orange preactivated sim card or a prepay handset on Orange.

Canary package

With the canary package you can get free evening and weekend calls to any mobile in UK For £10 top up you can get 100 evening and weekend minutes With a £20 top up you can get 200 evening and weekend minutes
When you have £30 top up or more you can get 300 evening and weekend minutes

For you in order to start using Canary package you will need either a sim which works on Orange or you will need a brand new handset on Orange.

Orange's "Racoon" package
THis package is very good for people who just want an intermediate package to use in terms of texting and calling

If you want to call, Orange will charge you 15p per minute for calls to any network 15p per minute to any network, anytime for anyone If you want to text Orange will charge you 10p per text messages to any network, anytime
To enjoy this Racoon orange bundle you will need a preactivated sim from Orange, you can get one from here. Or by purchasing a PAYG handset with a sim.

Orange "Camel" package
This package from Orange is very good for people who call frequently abroad or people visiting foreign countries.

For people who call abroad calls abroad, this will cost anything starting from 5p calls to over 50 countries, you can find your country in the list if you visit Orange website. For these 50 countries you can call from 5p per minute
For other countries the charge will be 20p for calls and 10p for text messages to any network in the UK at any time for anyone. If you want to learn about international calls and savings on caling internationally visit our page dedicated for people who call international. In order to start enjoying the benefits of this amazing package you will need an Orange preactivated sim card or a prepay handset on Orange.
For more information on pay as you go tariffs with other UK networks follow the links below:
T-mobile click here Vodafone click here Three click here Virgin click here

Wait a second you spend 10s or maybe 100s of pounds. May be it is time to think of moving to sim cards with more minutes and save money. How about a contract option with a free phone on 12 month, 18 month, 24 month. See our comparison for Pay as you go VS sim only, contracts...

Cheapest P.A.Y.G. mobile phones

You just want a temporary phone to use. Maybe all you want is just calling and texting phone. Or save maximum money on PAYG. Also you could give your kids a simple but fully working phone. For mobiles under £30 incluing top-ups click here...

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