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mobile phone crazy

Cancelling a mobile contract


Certainly the above mentioned handsets and mobile phones like I-phone are worth a fortune £500 each. But, most people buy them gadgets like internet, music and play with these features for only a couple of weeks. So, it may be a good idea to check cheaper best deals with dealers.


Leave with pride...


Don't forget to ask for a refund when you leave your contract with the network. The reason for this is "It is in the interest of the network to ignore your refund and most of the times they do ignore to refund" So make sure you get a refund at the end of your contracted period. If not sure how much refund you are eligible check it with your customer services.




Keep your number

You want to keep your number on your pay monthly phone because it is your business number. Or simply you had it for years and people know you from your number. Is it possible to keep your number on internet? Yes. It is very simple and usually not more than two calls. 

Confused? 12 months? 18 months? 24 months? 1month?

Are you puzzled what to choose or dont know how contracts work? No worries. You can find all necessary answers about these agreements here.

What merchants to buy from?

OK. This is very important you certainly do not want someone to cheat you, or have a bad after sale customer service. How about terrible phone condition? Even better, fraud on your credit card So avoid all these by following simple step. Go with the trusted and best merchants.

Terms of your contract

You have bought a phone on internet and not happy for whatever reason. Want to change your phone. Want to cancel it completely. Then you have your 14 day policy. Find out more.

Going abroad

You have planned a holiday abroad? Just going back to visit your family? You need to make some arrangements before you go anywhere. This may save you lots of money. Also you will make sure.

International calling

Want to save money on International calls? Tired of looking at huge bills? You are probably overpaying for your calls. Check the rates for different countries and start saving. Maintain your calls

Top selling tariffs on contracts

In total you are looking at about 2000 different combinations of tariffs. But if you take some simple steps you could save yourself £5, £10 sometimes up to £15 per month for all duration of your contract.

Compare contract phones with pre pay deals

Many people who sign up long contracts do so in order to get that specific mobile phone. Sometimes, you can get your favourite mobile phone device on PAYG, Sim free and still get a better deal than on mobile phone contract. Take a further look into comparison of contract phone deals and pre paid deals here , or compare sim free/sim only combination with mobile phones contracts.

There is always a good reason behind top sales. The contract mobile phones tariff must have good value for people. Some people are crazy texters. Some people like talking more. Some just receive calls and make emergency calls. There are people who are loyal to their network.

Cashback and Chequeback deals on mobile phone contracts

First impression When you get your mobile phone contract and a lot of cashback or chequeback I will expect you to be happy. Certainly, you have got something more and naturally you did not pay for this. or Did you?

Trade in your mobile phone device online

When you get tired of your old mobile phone device, or simply it does not work anymore you start thinking what could I do with this. Some would say "Just chock it away. Get yourself a new one". A fair comment, but you could get some cash for your old mobile phone. So, may be it is worth trading your old mobile phone in.

If you would like to learn more read our article about trade ins mobile phones and how you could get maximum value out of your old friend, you are ready to trade in your used handset visit mobile phone exchange website Money4MyMobile.

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