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T mobile phone tariffs

Wish you had more minutes


How do you feel when you have almost finished minutes or texts on your monthly allowance? Ever thought you can be flexible with t mobile flext tariffs. Take this way in the world of flexibility and superb packages from T-mobile.
What T mobile tariffs are there
T mobile Flext: more
Flext: downgrade or upgrade?
T mobile Combi: more
Comb: best tariff
T mobile Solo: more
Even more Solo

Introduction to t mobile phone tariffs overview
So we start our review of T mobile phone tariffs. T mobile offers three different tariffs for different customers: Combi t mobile phone tariffs, Flext t mobile phone tariffs and Solo t mobile phone tariffs.

Overview, what is what?
Flext tariffs are for T mobile customers who want to use various sets of minutes and texts. Say, you want to use more minutes one month and more text messages another month.

T mobile flext tariff is designed to accomodate this sort of usage. So, every month you have a number of credits which you can use for minutes and texts. On t mobile flext tariff 1 minute is equal to 2 texts. Say, you have 90 credits. That will give you a maximum of 450 minutes or 900 text messages. Of course you can have a bit of both.

Solo tariffs are best for people who want to control their usage. Solo give you a limited number of airtime to use for each month. After you finish your monthly allowance you can top up your credit again. In this way, you stay in control of your usage all the time.

Combi calling packages are better for people wha have 50/50 usage in terms of minutes and texts. Starting from £30 mark T mobile combi tariff gives unlimited sms messages which is quite good for texters.

T mobile flext tariff
T mobile flext tariff starts from flext 20. On this tariff you get £40 allowance which is 200 minute or 400 texts. But you can have a mixture of each one. With flext 25 you get £60 worth credit, and with flext 30 you get £90 worth credit. Finaly the most famous tariff you have ever heard is Flext 35. That will give you either 900 minutes at most or you could enjoy up to1800 anytime any network texts. Certainly, it is up to you how to combine those minutes and texts.

Flext: downgrade or upgrade?
By the way, once you sign up for 18 month contract (here we only talk about 18 month contracts) then you can not downgrade before the 17th month of your contract. If you want to upgrade your price plan and enjoy more talking time and texts, you can do this at any time. Just call your customer services to do it. Click here to see what kind of mobile phones are available with flext packages.

Combi tariffs on T mobile
Combi Tariffs start from £20 again with 100 minutes and 100 text messages. This package is fixed and you can not change it for more minutes or more texts as you could in Flext one. Once you exceed your monthly allowance you get charged extra on your bill. Combi £25 increases your monthly minutes bundle up to 200/200. This is a very good package for medium users.

If you have higher usage then opt for Combi 30 or Combi 35 packages. They both come with unlimited text messages in the bundle and can be a good example of T mobile business tariff. Combi 30 gives you 700 minutes and combi 35 offers up to 800 minutes. Both come with unlimited text package.

Which tariff is the best on Combi
Since the difference in the minutes is not too big (only 100 mins.) I suggest you go for combi 30. Only if you have to pay for the handset you need to consider combi 35. Otherwise you paying extra £5 for 18 month just for 100 extra minutes. This will multiply by 5 if you employ 5 people in your business and if you are on T mobile business tariff.

T mobile Solo tariffs
Solo tariffs are only available with sim only deals. And this is not a T mobile PAYG tariff. Click here to find out more about sim only deals, what they are how they work. So, for 30 days rolling contract here is what you get. For £15 a month you get 350 minutes and unlimited texts. Most users will be OK with this package. If you are currently on T mobile PAYG tariff compare it with Solo £15. But if you still not having enough minutes and texts then Solo £20 will give you up to 600 minutes and unlimited texts for 30 days.

More of Solo
For high end users, Solo 25 and Solo 30 are the best T mobile Solo tariffs. Since they give you up to 800 minutes and 1400 minutes respectively. And yes, Of course you will still have unlimited texts on your package. Don't forget you can go for two types of Solos. A normal Solo packaage and Solo fixed. Here is the difference. With Solo fixed you can fix your minutes. When you finish up, they will stop your outgoing calls but for emergency. If you want you can top up your account. But, you will never have extra charges which you dont know about.

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