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Sim contract

Sim contract


Good changes come!!!
No more 12m, 18m, or 24m long agreements

Ever thought you could save on your minuts and texts by a simple sim card connection? Whether you have a PAYG or a pay monthly mobile phone consider cheaper airtime with no long contract.

Good changes come!!! No more 12m, 18m, or 24m long agreements and start enjoying the same minuts, texts for lower rate bundles. If you are not after an expensive mobile phone, just want flexible terms then sim only is the best choice

Here you will find complete overview of sim only best deals. Some of these amazing offers include cheapest sim onlys, sim only with unlimited texts, sim only with more anytime minutes, sim only deals with internet bundles and many more. It will take a lot of time to complete this list you can find more here. Sim only offers are available with all major networks including O2, Orange, T-mobile, Vodafone, Three and Virgin mobile.

Top selling sim only deals

One of the newest offers on every network is sim card only contract. Here is the deal. You talk more than on pay as you go tariffs and send more text messages, just pay the same amount of money. Where is the catch? There is no catch. The difference between PAYG sim card and sim only is your agreement for 30 days to use that sim. You will not pay by cash or card at the counter of a shop, just pay by direct debit. Click
here to find out more

Here are the main reasons why you would consider sim only: cheaper minutes and texts than on PAYG sim card no annual contract, no long terms always possible to stop they are backdoor for bigger contracts control your and your kid's usage possible to keep your number it is completely safe Compare top sim only deals here.

Say, you are a low user who needs basic package of minutes and texts.
Then don't just sign up for 18 month contract. Go with a month rolling over agreement on Virgin mobile. Depending on your needs you may opt for
- unlimited text messages
- unlimited internet package and unlmtd texts
- have many minute and both unlimited packages.
Someone who is budget aware could benefit from these deals. To see this and other amazing free sim deals click here...

How much is your PAYG tariff worth?

Do you actually know how much is your pre pay tariff worth? Here are some ideas of what you are getting. Minutes costs, text messages costs and connection charge depends on the network policy (the above sim cards are free you only pay for minutes and texts). For full list of prices on different PAYG sim cards with different features click here... you will be glad to see the prices.

What is better ? Buy a sim card on contrct or on its own?

Maybe you are a person who does not want to sign up for contract but still wants sim cards with minutes or texts or internet. In that case consider separate payg deals and sim only deals. To compare these deals on sim only click here to go with payg and find your own best deal on prepay click here... Cheapest sim card only deals

OK. Lets say you liked the idea of having cheap minutes and texts. So you want to carry on with that another month. What do you do? Nothing. The sim only deals are rollover agreements.

In order to stop the offer sometimes it is enough to give a quick call, or sometimes you will need to give a written notice.

If you dont want to spend more than £15 for your minutes tariff or even spend maximum 10£ you need to go with sim only. Similar packages on PAYG tariffs will work out more expensive so why pay more?. To find out how you can get Cheapest TALKING time 30 days connection and for other deals click here...

How many of us spend hours for sending text messages in trains, on busses, in the shops, at home and so on. With unlimited text packages you could enjoy that time.

Some prefer texting up to 500 messages
Some go for up to 1000 messages
Still some prefer unlimites texts on their deal

Whichever of these you are you can get the packages only for 10-15-20£ budjet. Someone who values his or her budget look no further. To see this and other amazing sim only deals click here...

Control your and your kids' mobile phone usage

Are you tired of putting an extra £5, £10 on your daughter's or son's mobile phone at the same time there is no way to say NO to them. Fix your childrens' minutes and texts and never pay more than what you signed for.

Let's say you have two kids. You dont want to spend more than £30 for both sim cards phones. You can fix minutes and texts on these sims with fixed T mobile sim only: £15 - 350 anytime any networks minutes and unlimited texts on each phone sim card.

The same might be a good option for yourself. Say you can not control your airtime usage. Then you can fix your line rental to £15,£ 20,£ 25,£ 30,£ 35 a month and never pay more than that.

What if you exceed your minutes? It will not happen, because Tmobile will bar your outgoing calls and texts from your sim only contract. You can call out only in emergency. For fixed T mobile sims contract click here

How to get contract phone, laptops, gifts if you declined

Long contracts with 18 month, 12 month or 24 month commitnment are of more value to the network than 1 month contracts. Simply, because the network gives you a free handset with the contract. The phone value can range from £100 to £600 depending on the terms of the contract. So lets see what is the benefit for the network and what is the benefit for the customer here. Read about backdoor to contracts here.

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