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Take your mobile phone abroad

Great! You need to make some arrangements before you go


Have you planned a holiday abroad? Just going back to visit your family? Great! You need to make some arrangements before you go abroad. Following simple steps may save you lots of money. Also, you will make sure you will be able to contact your friends back in your living place. Likewise you can contact them.

So, you are flying out in a week here is a list of steps you need to take before you go on your holiday.
Check whether your phone will work in the country you are visiting Make sure your network has given you international roaming (If it has not been done, ask your customer service to do it for you) Check with your network what it will cost you to make outgoing and incoming calls, texts when you use your phone abroad If your networks provide better deals for travellers in Europe or some specific regions make sure use these discounts A good idea is to use the local sim card abroad, or local mobile phone abroad. (especially if it is only one country you are visiting). Using local sim cards abroad will work out cheaper in most cases. Unlock your phone before you go by contacting your network or authorised third party shops Also when you use international roaming, you can choose different local networks. Make sure you choose the one with best coverage by asking local people Take a different type of (mains) charger or emergency charger in case you can not find the right plugin If you use pay as you go make sure you know how to top-up from your debit or credit card, or the best thing take some vouchers with you, but make sure to use them before they expire Have emergency numbers backed up in your organiser Take a note of your mobile phone number, serial number of your phone, and your customer service number (in case you need to claim on your insurance after you come back) Save money on your mobile abroad
OK. Now that you know what arrangements, it is time to learn how you can save money on your mobile abroad. I will lead you through some amazing packages network by network:

Vodafone is the best if you are travelling in Europe. If you are using Voda PAYG or contract sim make sure to take vodafone passport with you. With Vodafone passport you can call to UK from your existing minutes on contract (there is connection fee). For international call rates and other international travel bundles click here... Orange gives different travel bundles for their customers on pay monthly or pay as you go. One of them is Favourite countries bundle which you can set up for one country, five countries and get up to 20% cheaper calls and texts. To find out more about international travel bundles and international call charges click here... T-mobile offers Euro travel booster package which lasts for 20 days and can be of values of £5, £10, £20, and £30 depending on minutes you get to spend abroad. For more ways to save with T mobile international travel packages click here... O2 suggests My Europe Extra with reduced costs to call UK and other european countries while travelling. It is ideal for regular travellers to european countries. The terms are not different depending whether you are on contract or pay as you go. For more information on international travel bundles and charges when calling when/to abroad click here... Three have got the cheapest prices for calling from foreign countries but receiving calls is not free. For international call rates and other international travel bundles click here... Virgin have not gor any specific bundles for travellers so far. Hopefully they will release some very soon. For information how much they charge for outgoing/incoming calls from abroad click here...
Ways to save money when using your mobile phone abroad
---> Make sure to redirect incoming calls to your voicemail or even completely barr incoming calls while you are abroad. ---> Before you go abroad, choose best offers bundles for cheaper roaming from your network on pay monthly or PAYG ---> Where possible use local sim cards in the place you visit (you will need you phone unlocked to do this) ---> Use text messages instead of calls (by the way before you leave check whether your mobile phone device will work in the country you are planning to visit)

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