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How to get a contract phone, laptops, gifts if you declined

How to get a contract phone, laptops, gifts if you declined


Long contracts with 18 month, 12 month or 24 month commitnment are of more value to the network than 1 month contracts. Simply, because the network gives you a free handset with the contract. The phone value can range from £100 to £600 depending on the terms of the contract. So lets see what is the benefit for the network and what is the benefit for the customer here.

Benefit for the network:
The network has an agreement from your side that obliges you to pay monthly line rental (this can be anything from £10 to £75 or more). In addition network can benefit every time you go over with your minutes or texts on your monthly plan. Any extra charges on the account is a pure benefit for the networks. Over the length of the contract the network recoups the value of the handset that it gives you for free.

Benefit for the customer:
The customer benefits from free anytime anynetworks minutes, texts on the priceplan. Depending on your tariff you may benefit from extra bundles like internet unlimited calls to one or more numbers etc. Also the customer has a free phone which he can use to his pleasure. Apart from all of this the customer enjoys customes service from the network.

Now, lets say you declined on the contract and you think you have a bad credit rating and can never get a contract phone or anything on contract. That may not be always true. Your credit rating may be just not enough to get that particular phone on contract. So here is what you can do to get yourself out of this situation.

Start paying bills and line rental by direct debit. From the moment you start doing this the bank trusts you more a good customer.

If that doesnot help start with Sim only. This is a mini contract which is only for thirty days and rolls over unless you finish it. For the networks sim only deals are something like payg sim cards. So, they can give out these very easily. You still have to go through credit check. The good news, the credit check for the sim only is much lighter than the one for the usual longer contract with free phone, laptop or gift.

Because networks, operate under certain regulations they are bound to give you a new handset as an existing customer. The condition is you pay three clear payments by direct debit. After the third month finished you automatically qualify for a new phone. Obviously the new phone means a new contract 12m 18 m or 24 m.

So here is the value of contracts for the networks:

PAYG Sim card
Sim only contract 30 days
Broadband contract 12, 18, 24 month
Normal contract 12, 18, 24 month
Gifting deals like laptops and gaming consoles 18m, 24m

So the higher is the value the more difficult to pass the credit check for the contract. Here is the transition path you can use to overcome these barriers with weaker credit score. Sim only ----- to ----- Broadband/Normal contract (sometimes if you qualify the network may even give you laptop after the first three months), Normal contract/Broadband -----to----- Gifting deals with free laptops, PS3.

Top seller sim only tariffs

Here is the most exciting part. Do you spend hours on the phone? If you are on PAYG that will cost you 15-25 p per. minute depending on your network.

Say, you talk an hour a day,
then you end up paying
60 min * 15 p per min = £ 9 a day
and £ 270 (for 1800 minuts) a month.
Now compare with simonly tariff from T-mobile:

SOLO 35 1800 minuts, unlmtd texts, unlmtd internet browsing = £ 35 per month

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Cheapest top seller sim only offers on any network
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Compare top seller sim only deals with PAYG tariffs
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Here is another example for sim only contract with most famous pay monthly tariff. Most of you guys know about 18 month, £35 p/m priceplan with 600 mins and unltd txts. Say, you use one of them but do not want another loooooooooooooooong contract. Reasons may be different:

Leaving the country in a few month time Not sure whether you can pay Too much money burden on your shoulders Personal reasons
In that case you can still have 600 mins and unltd txts, keep your number, be happy and only pay £20 a month on O2 sim contract, Orange sim contract deals. The good side is there is no long term contract for sim cards. Every month the network will take money from your bank account and you can stop sim only deals any time you want. You can find out professional advice on how to stop your long contracts, what notice to give by clicking here.

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