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Three network BEST PAYG DEALS

Three network BEST PAYG DEALS


Best pay as you talk deal with your t mobile prepay sim? Yes? What is it? If No, save budget on your top ups by choosing the right price plan. Then you will be happy to call and text your friends anytime and not think of paying too much.

You can start enjoying the mates rates on pay as you go tariffs with T mobile, We can devide the whole range of tariffs into two kinds: 1. The tariffs for the same network calls and 2. the tariffs for other network calls. Cost of calls to the same network i.e. T mobile is 8p per minute and the same charge when you call cross networks is 25 p. per minute. The costs of text messages are respectively 5p and 10p per text message. Picture messages are charged at the same rate. For internet addicts the good news is that the charge for internet usage is only 1£ a day. This charge is maximum.

Whenever you have got an issue you want to talk about or a question to ask, you call your customer services, they charge you 25 p stadard rate for calling customer services. Some premium numbers like 0800 and 0500 can charge yuou anything up to 40 p per minute. Other premium numbers can be charged from absolutely free up to 2.5£ per minute. So, make sure you know where you are calling if you dont want to end up paying huge bills.

Voicemail is very usefull for people who are busy and /or who prefer to have their own voice on the answer machine, The servce will cost a standard rate of 10p per minute. The abovementioned tariffs are the same for same network customers and for cross network callers. Here is a small reference table on other premium numbers starting from 08, 07 or 05. But the final rule of thumb is that you contact your customer services and ask them about the exact rates before you call any suspicious numbers.
All numbers prefixed by (inc VAT): Prefixed numberCost of call
0843, 0844, 0845 ,0870, 0871, 087240p per message
0808, 0800Call charges from free to 40p per minute
050010p per minute
070From 25p to 75p per minute
Here is a good deal for people who prefer texting, you can top up 20£ a month and have a free texting package starting from the month after. So. patience makes best in this case with T mobile. Also you can benefit from other wnderfull deals when you have a minimum top up of 10£ per month. In order to enjoy all of this you will need a T mobile PAYG sim card, which you can either buy with a prepay
handset or with a T mobile sim card. Click here to see the handsets available on T mobile.

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